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Heart-A-Facts Stained Glass Stepping Stones


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About Us

Heart-A-Facts is a dream come true. Working and playing with colour has always inspired me, and stained glass with it's varied facets of textures, and colours is, to me, the ultimate inspiration. My only frustration is not knowing which project to start next, there are always so many creative ideas, and rarely enough time to fulfill all of them. Fortunately, with a web page, I can share my work and play with many people.

Our Workshop

Originally we built a space in our back yard for storage of the lawnmower, bikes, and all the other stuff that was over-flowing from the house. Quite quickly, though, I needed a space to get in touch with my artist side. My husband and I built a work bench, then another, and pretty soon our storage area became the workshop/studio that I only dreamt of.
Going to the Glasssmith Shop was like a kid visiting a candy store, and I needed every flavour. Creative juices just began to flow. I love the concept of stepping stones, because I enjoy beautiful gardens. I also like the mixed media experimenting, and trying to perfect the colour and consistancies of concrete.


My Supportive Family

I have three beautiful and healthy children and an extremely handsome husband (sorry, no picture), who have been unselfishly supportive, and allowed me time for my artist endeavours.
However, there are times when I need to sneak out to the shop just to get my glass-cutting fix.

two kids and me